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Sexual Health Service

The Sexual Health service in Darlington is operated by Primary Healthcare Darlington (PHD). We provide 4 clinics per week—appointments can be booked by ringing  : 01325 743203

We operate a specialist service for the insertion and removal of implants and coils.

We manage the emergency contraception service which is provided by a range of pharmacies in Darlington and at any of our clinics. Please go to the Sexual Health web-site for a full list of pharmacies participating in this scheme.

We also manage the C-Card scheme which provides free condoms for young people aged 13 to 24 years of age. Details of organisations and pharmacies who register patients for this scheme and provide supplies of condoms are also on the web-site.



 Forsyth House, 20 Woodland Road, Darlington,DL3 7PL


Appointments can be booked by ringing the Sexual Health booking line : 01325 743203


Kept Appointments

Clinic Times

Monday 9am – 1.00pm

Wednesday 4.30pm – 8.00pm

Thursday 4.30pm – 8.00pm

Saturday 9.00am – 1.00pm